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How does that sound?

About Us

Our passion

Sound helps shape the world around us. It communicates and tells a story. We love to help you tell that story.

Music, sound effects, ambience, voice-over. Everything you need to create your own unique sound experience.

Does this sound good to you?

Sound Design

Musical ident, sound effects, ambience. We make it sound awesome!

Music for VT Wonen commercial
Sound Design for FNV animated explanation
Intro jingle for Kimpulsief
Winning Sound Design for 48hour film festival
Cinematic Sci-Fi soundtrack
Excitingwar soundtrack


We will cast and edit the perfect voice-over actor for your story.


Audio mixdown for internet & TV. Let yourself be heard.


Custom music tailor-made to your needs. All tracks on our Soundcloud are royalty free!


Learning is fun. Learning how to make music is even more fun! That’s why we’ve decided to share our extended knowledge of audio with you.

We can teach you the following skills:

  • How to produce your own music on your laptop / computer
  • How to use synthesizers
  • How to DJ like a pro

Contact us for an application and tell us what you want to learn!


Studio RAUW


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